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Near Bed & Breakfast De Joppa Hill in Gorssel is perfect for cycling or walking. From the B & B you can easily walk to Castle ‘t Joppe, Gorsselse or walk into the village and visit the floodplains and stork village’ t Zand. In August, organized by Laren a nice bike four days; see the agenda. There are also nearby Hanseatic cities of Deventer and Zutphen to visit several beautiful gardens and other attractions. Information and directions are available for you. The hosts can advise on visits to castles and gardens in the surrounding area, hiking and / or cultural activities.

• De Burgemeesterswandeling about estate Verwolde.
• De Stadswandeling in Deventer.
• Happen en stappen in Zutphen: a combination of walking in the historical city of Zutphen enjoy delicious culinary.

In Gorssel and the area to visit some beautiful gardens in the Garden weekend but often (by agreement) outside. For the opportunities contacting them.

Bikes, but also E bikes, can be rented at Eetcafé de Hoek in Gorssel
• De Graafschaproute: 102 km or the shortened version of 56 km.
• De Lebuïnusroute: 22 km from Deventer.
• De IJsselvalleiroute: 35 km vanuit Deventer or from Gorssel with the ferry over the river.
• Landgoederenroute: 40 km from Almen.

Food and drink:
In the immediate vicinity are several restaurants, ranging from simple to gourmet. For example, think of:
• De Hoek: een eetcafé aan de Joppelaan 5 in Gorssel.
• Het Bosrestaurant: Joppelaan 100 in Gorssel.
• Loetje Gorssel: Hoofdstraat in Gorssel.
• De Zevensprong: Dortherdijk 6 in Joppe.
• ’t Elf uur: Deventerweg 27 in Gorssel.
• Bij Jansen en Jansen: Kwekerijweg 4 in Gorssel.
• Zo en nu: Hoofdstraat 43 in Gorssel (tea room with ice, customer care organization Zozijn help).
• Gusto Hoofdstraat 34, 7213 CX Gorssel

B&B de Joppeheuvel is also a good base for the sauna. Both baths Thermen Bussloo in Voorst is near the sauna de Bronsbergen in Zutphen.

Other attractions
• De Verborgen Tuinen van Bert Loman, Klarenbeekseweg 5A, Voorst. E: . T. 0575-501265
• De Wiersse (Castle and Garden), Wiersserallee 9, Vorden.  T: 0573-451409
• What further away as well Diepenheim Delden beautiful small towns with quaint shops, galleries and castles.


Would you take a multi-day cycling or walking in the beautiful countryside of Gorssel? We have set out several routes and have contacts with other Bed & amp; Breakfast where we can also arrange for transportation of luggage.